Monday, May 16, 2016

Happiness At Every Turn - Shree Tyres

When you own the best car, you want the best everything for it. Same goes for the tyres. I always have used Bridgestone tyres for my car and always have been happy with its performance. The best part is you will find a “Bridgestone tyre showroom” everywhere and anywhere. If you don't find one, then there surely will be a simple showroom that will stock these Bridgestone tyres because many people prefer this brand over the others as they are of superior quality and deliver what they promise.
Once I was driving around Pune and had some issues with my tyre and my spare was also not available.

I realised I should have been more careful before I left, but nonetheless the deed was done. I needed a new tyre or my existing one needed repair. I was apprehensive about the availability of my favorite brand around the area of Kothrud. But i was mistaken there were quite a few "bridgestone tyres showroom in Kothrud.

Bridgestone Tyres Showroom in Kothrud
These bridgestone tyres showroom in kothrud kept true tyres. I was highly appreciative and at the same time very impressed with the service that was provided by this showroom. They were also very professional and reached the place where i was stranded in 20 minutes. They were experts at their work and were a delight to talk to while they attended to the issue. The staff who attended after i arrived at their showroom was very friendly and helpful.

When i reached the showroom i came to know that they were one of the authorized “bridgestone tyres showroom in kothrud” and had all the types of tyres from a small car to a SUV. Tyres for two wheeler's, carriage vehicles, specialty tyres and many more.

This showroom also furnish all the assistance related to tyres at a great price and in a very modern way. Be it 3D wheel alignment, wheel positioning, computerized wheel balancing, nitrogen filling, tyre fitting, puncture repair, mushroom patch, just everything. The store also had a wide selection of alloy wheels too. These alloy wheels facilitate better heat dissipation than the usual steel wheels which results in better breaking and longer life of your favorite tyre.

These wheels are much lighter than its contemporary steel wheels and this light weight provides fuel efficiency. These wheels do not corrode hence are rust proof with almost zero maintenance. They work better with regular and tubeless tyres as well.This showroom stocked on other reputed brands of tyres as well not just Bridgestone. Well done guys.

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